Everything is possible

Design It!

Whatever garment you’re dreaming of is possible to bring to life.  Don’t get discouraged by a potentially challenging design; even if it’s really complicated, I will break it to small steps and together we will make your dream come true!

Not sure what style will compliment your specific figure most? I will offer you a few to choose from, make some suggestions  to make sure you are comfortable with your decision and you will look and feel great in it later on.  It absolutely does not matter how far your figure is from perfect.  I specialize in tailoring to flatter all body types.

That’s how it works –  from sketch to dress.

IMG_0134                IMG_0127


Alter It!

Malls are full of stores with ready-to wear suits, dresses, pants, blouses and so forth. And when people try an item on, sometimes it fits in the hips but dangles around the waist. Or you love how it fits, but it’s too long. You know what I’m talking about! 🙂  I will be happy to help you with alterations of your pre-made clothes.

Repair It!

Sometimes you fall in love with an item: it’s the most comfortable, the most appropriate, the most everything! But simply because you love it so much, wear and tear has started to show.  I can repair your beloved items in no time.

Restyle It!

Is your closet full of items you don’t wear anymore? Let’s restyle them and make wearable again!