I want to tell you a little about my mom. Not about her personality and who and how she is – I can talk about it forever! :))

I want to tell you what does she do since she retired. She started make hand embroidered stuff and not just stuff, but amazing  stuff. Let me show you how amazing on only one small example.

One day I received small package (my mom still reside in Ukraine) and inside I found this piece of paper and four rectangular pieces of white fabric three of which wereСхема получше

embroidered. This paper is embroidery chart and idea how those pieces of fabric suppose to look like after I will sew all of it together. After I’ve done it, that how it look like now:

Блузка на манекене and to show you more details I place two more closer images:

Look how fine all crosses are, how many shades of red color in each flower! Insane! No idea how she’s doing it. I would never even try.

That’s my mom!

Do you want to tell me what your mom can do? Please.